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October 21-- Students at Montgomery County Elementary School have elected their first-ever Student Council.


Front left to right:  Mikoya McRae-navy shirt (VP),  Bria Boyer-red shirt (5th Grade Rep),  Amber Eason -royal blue shirt (Treasurer).  Back left to right: Shaw Robinson-burgandy shirt (Secretary),  Andrew Poole-pink cancer ribbon (President),  Zachary Horton-royal blue shirt (5th Grade Rep). Photo by Donna Evans.

Students from grades four through six cast their votes on October 14.  The results of the election were:  President – Andrew Poole; Vice President – Mikoya McRae; Secretary – Shaw Robinson; Treasurer – Amber Eason; Fifth Grade Representatives – Zachary Horton and Bria Boyer. 

The four elected officers—all sixth graders—came from a field of sixteen students who campaigned by making posters and giving speeches on the GMME Show (the school’s dailyvideo broadcast).  Their speeches explained to the other students why they would be the best choice for the office and included their campaign slogan.

The officers have been charged with these responsibilities:  (1) Be a role model and demonstrate leadership in the school and community; (2) Conduct themselves with academic integrity and exemplary conduct; (3) Talk and listen to classmates and bring their ideas and concerns to the Student Council and to the principal; (4) Help plan and carry out school fundraisers and service projects; (5) Work well with the administration and other officers; (6) Promote school spirit and pride in the school.

Some of the service projects that have been suggested for the Student Council include collecting prescription eyeglasses to donate to a civic organization such as the Lion’s Club, sponsoring a day to recognize students whose parents are serving in the military, and collecting dog and cat food for animal shelters.

The school wishes to thank all sixteen of the candidates who worked hard composing speeches and making posters before the elections!It is hoped that by having a Student Council and witnessing the process of campaigning and voting, all students are learning what it means to participate in a democracy.