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October 21--  A political watchdog group called Common Cause Georgia would like for Georgia lawmakers to place a limit on how much money lobbyists can contribute to candidates and office holders.

William Perry from Common Cause told the Vidalia Kiwanis Club there should be limits.

"In Georgia there are absolutely no limits on what a lobbyist can spend on your state legislator or even someone down at city hall.  If a lobbyist wants to buy a car to influence a decision of a public official, they can do it.  No other state in the southeast has unlimited restrictions like that," Perry reports.

Perry urges citizens to support the Georgia Alliance for Ethics Reform which supports caps on lobbyist spending.  More information is available at

Perry also claims extremes in politics are killing the country's ability to get anything done.  He says Common Cause Georgia is trying to bring more people to the middle.

"We work to get people from the left and the right to meet in the center to work on issues to allow our system to work.  If our system is broken, it doesn't matter if you're a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican, your issue is not going anywhere if the system is not working," he says.

Common Cause also tracks contributions to statewide and legislative races in Georgia.  You can see how Georgia candidates fund their races at