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October 18--  The Georgia Republican Party issued a statement criticizing Democrat Congressman John Barrow of the 12th District for voting against Free Trade Acts with Korea, Columbia and Panama.  We asked Congressman Barrow for comment.  Both statements are below.

ATLANTA - Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue P. Everhart released the following statement in response to Georgia Congressman John Barrow's vote in opposition of all three U.S. Trade Agreements that came before Congress on Wednesday, October 12:

"I would like to applaud the United States Congress for working in a bipartisan manner to overwhelmingly approve the long-awaited U.S. Trade Agreements with Columbia, Korea and Panama. These agreements will undoubtedly provide new opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships, create abundant job opportunities in Georgia and across the country and will expand opportunities for Georgia's lucrative export market.

"In spite of the fact that the United State Department of Agriculture estimates an additional $45 million in exports from Georgia annually as a direct result of the passage of the Trade Agreements, Congressman John Barrow once again chose to sell his vote to the highest bidder, much to the appeasement of his labor union buddies and special interest donors.

Georgians take job creation and economic growth very seriously, and it is nothing short of incomprehensible that he would vote against the future prosperity of our state and our nation.

"While Representative Barrow continues to vote against the best interest and economic well-being of the hard working citizens of Georgia's 12th Congressional District, the Georgia Republican Party will work tirelessly to ensure that come 2012, John Barrow will no longer stand as the single largest impediment to economic prosperity in Southeast Georgia. Simply put, Georgia deserves better."

Congressman Barrow's office issued the following statement in reply:

"We've seen this story played out with previous free trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA," said Congressman John Barrow (D - GA 12). "We are promised that free trade agreements will bring tremendous job growth and prosperity to everyone here in America. But after passage, we are confronted with a crushing reality of more job losses when companies outsource our jobs overseas. We have folks who need work here at home and we need to bring good jobs to America, not export more jobs overseas to other countries."