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October 19--  A second Augusta-area resident is entering the race for the 12th Congressional District House seat currently held by Democrat John Barrow.

Rick Allen is a 59-year-old construction company owner who is making his first run for office.

{mosimage}"The first thing I would do is vote to repeal Obamacare which Barrow didn't do.  He voted against the bill initially and then voted against repealing it and I didn't quite understand that.  Frankly, we don't know the impact that's going to have on small business.  The next thing I would do is would come up with legislation to deregulate and create jobs.  Small business is the job creator and that is what is necessary in this economy.  I think there's a lot of pentup demand out there, but the small business community is just sitting on hold," Allen believes.

Allen was born on a farm in Columbia County and moved to Augusta to start his construction business after graduating from Auburn.  One of the candidates he'll face in the Republican primary is State Representative Lee Anderson of Grovetown.  Allen believes it's an advantage not to have held office. "I think there's an anti-incumbent mood in this country," he says.

As a businessman, Allen says he's got a lot in common with presidential candidate Herman Cain.

"I like Herman.  I've never met him, but I like what he's doing.  This plan he's got is very bold. I'm not ready to say I endorse 9-9-9, but he's sticking by his guns and I admire a man who does that.  He's been successful in business and we need business people in Washington.  We've got enough lawyers, but we need pay who know how to create jobs and sign a paycheck," Allen says.

Allen met recently in Vidalia with onion farmers and says he distressed with the problems they're facing with the government's guest work program and with the new state immigration law.