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September 29-- Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced today that the state will hold its presidential preference primary on Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

Secretary Kemp stated, “My decision to hold Georgia’s presidential preference primary on March 6, 2012 protects the interests of Georgia voters. By holding our presidential primary election on March 6, 2012 we can ensure that the voices of Georgia voters are heard and are relevant in the presidential candidate nomination process.”

The Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 454 this year, which allows the Secretary of State to set the presidential preference primary date.

Secretary Kemp added, “I want to officially invite the presidential candidates to visit our state and discuss and debate the issues with Georgia voters, just as they have done in the early caucus and primary states for more than a year.

“Finally, I want to stress that we have committed in good faith to abiding by the rules set forth by the Republican National Committee so Georgia will not suffer a loss of delegates, and I highly encourage the Republican National Committee to enforce its rules as this process continues.”


Georgia law previously required the state to hold the presidential preference primary on the first Tuesday in February of a presidential election year. House Bill 454 requires the Secretary of State to set the presidential preference primary date by December 1st in the year prior to the presidential election year, and the date must be no later than the second Tuesday in June of the election year. The state executive committee of each political party must submit the list of candidate names for their primary ballot on a date set by the Secretary of State so the counties can build and print their ballots, and so the state can be in compliance with UOCAVA, the MOVE Act and other state election publication laws.