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September 26--  An 86-year-old survivor of the Jewish Holocaust reminded students to protect their freedom during a Monday morning presentation at the J.R. Trippe Middle School in Vidalia.

Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld survived the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz in Poland in 1944.  He says the Holocaust happened because the German people were willing to trade their freedom for promises of economic security by Hitler.

"In every country their comes a period when economic conditions become very difficult and people are willing to give up their freedom hoping that some leader will have all the answers.  I come to say nobody has all the answers and if somebody claims he and he alone knows how to solve all the problems in the world, don't trust that person.

"I want to remind all the people and especially the students that we were given one of the greatest gifts next to the Ten Commandments and that is the United States constitution.  As long as we keep the Constitution and maintain the spirit of the Constitution, then this country will remain free and strong," Dr. Shoenfeld says.

{mosimage}After his presentation, many students gathered round Dr. Scholenfeld with questions and one said, "We never met a person who actually went through it before and I thought it was good for everybody to see someone who survived it."

The program was sponsored by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust adn included presentation of a "Holocaust Learning Project Trunk" containing materials students will use when studying World War II and the Holocaust. Dr. Schoenfeld also presented the school a copy of his book recounting his personal experiences as a teenager who saw family and friends murdered by the Nazi's.