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September 13--  The Montgomery County school board has tabled a motion which would have made it more difficult for members of the public to address board meetings.

Currently a citizen need only sign up before the start of meetings in order to speak.  A proposed change would require notification three days prior to the meeting and recommendation of the school superintendent.

At its meeting Monday night, board members Jim Paul Poole and Jackson Posey said they are against any changes.  The full board voted to ask the school superintendent to review how other school systems in the state handle the issue and report back in October.

Meanwhile,five people spoke to the board with four questioning board decisions and one supporting the board.

The board also reviewed and approved salary supplements for administrators and others.  Non-athletic supplements total $40,800 and athletic supplements amount to $57,950.  Jim Paul Poole voted against the supplements as uncalled for in view of personnel and program cuts made in the school system.