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September 12--  The new president of Brewton Parker College was commissioned last week in ceremonies at the college. 

While overall enrollment at the college is just over 600 students and is down from last year, Dr. Mike Simoneaux sees a silver lining.  "Classes began on August 22 and I'm happy to report we're up in new students, not very many, but that's the direction to be," he says.

Dr. Simoneaux started serving as interim president in March and is quick to note the college's uniqueness.  "We have a new mission statement that describes us as a Christian college that teaches a liberal arts curriculum that is Biblically centered.  Our vision statement is that Brewton Parker College strives to honor Jesus Christ in every area of the academy.  We're serious about the mission and vision statements and we're going to be what we say we are, a strong Christ-centered and Biblically-centered college," he reports. 

The new President is encouraging more community involvement by the college and notes signs of community support.

"I'm pleased to report the annual fund raised over a million dollars without a capital campaign and we had a community work day where over a hundred people from the community showed up to work inside our buildings and outside on the grounds.  It was just great," he notes.