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September 6--  Vandals trashed the interior of Toombs County High School in Lyons sometime Monday night and caused the disruption of classes Tuesday.

According to school principal Doug Alexander, "A lot of toilet tissue was up and down the halls.  A lot of material smeared on the walls is either fecal material or possibly the catfish stink bait you can buy at local bait shops.  Vegetable oil is poured up and down the halls which poses a threat to walking down the halls.  Eggs are busted on the walls and some of the doors have been spray painted with VHS."


Staff members and custodians started the cleanup early Tuesday morning and students were not allowed in the building and waited outside in the school parking lot.

Alexander doesn't know if the building was trashed by ardent Vidalia Indians fans in advance of this weekend's Vidalia-Toombs County football rivalry or if it may have been done by some of his own students.  

Either way it's over the top, he says.  "I grew up in this community and I understand the rivalry, but you've got to use common sense when pulling pranks and that kind of stuff.  When you begin to do property damage and disrupt the education of kids, which is why we are here, then it takes on a whole new meaning.  It becomes very serious and something we're going to have to deal with in our community.  I guess we could start if our parents would talk to their kids and tell them this is not a good idea and it's not funny.  It's caused a real problem for Toombs County High School today," he said.

Last year Vidalia High School was trashed and it turned out to be the work of Vidalia students.  School Superintendent Dr. Tim Smith says they were prosecuted on felony charges.