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September 1--  First District Congressman Jack Kingston is talking with farmers in South Georgia about a proposal he hopes to make in Washington to reform the country's guest worker program.

He visited with farmers in Toombs County Thursday and heard a variety of complaints about another federal program that doesn't work.

"What we're hearing is that if America wants to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we need a workable guest worker program," Kingston says.

Instead of helping farmers, Congressman Kingston says federal agents from the Department of Labor are part of the problem.  He'd like to put the program under the Department of Agriculture.  

"I think that will help because the Department of Labor and other federal agencies are playing 'I gotcha.'  It's costing farmers hundreds of thousands to up to a million dollars in fines for technical issues and not anything to do with treatment of workers.

Kingston says he hopes to enlist the support of 12th District Congressman John Barrow and other Democrats from rural areas in order to give the bill bipartison support.

"We Need More Than A Speech"

We also asked Congressman Kingston what he hopes to hear when President O'Bama makes his jobs speech next week before a joint session of Congress.

"The President has had since January 2009 to help create jobs.  The best way for us to do that is to drill our own oil, rollback job killing regulations, simplify the tax code and stop this spending spree.  If we would do those four things and let the business community do its thing, we'd have jobs.  What we find a lot of times with the President is that he alludes to a plan in his speeches, but a speech is not a plan and I'm hoping we don't just hear one more speech from the President.