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March 29--  Vidalia City Manager Nick Overstreet issued the following statement regarding complaints about the Vidalia Recreation Department.

Citizens of Vidalia:

"In the last few days, many rumors/comments have been posted on social media regarding volunteers at the concession stand and other aspects of the Vidalia Recreation Department. These rumors/comments are inaccurate. Also, at this time, the Vidalia Recreation Department does not have an “Opening Day”. This is an idea that is currently being worked on.

"Let me assure you, once actual games begin tomorrow (Thursday 3/29/2018), our concession stands will be staffed and fully operational. Secondly, uniforms for the players will be available for the actual games Thursday, Friday, and beyond.

"It is unfortunate in the fine community we are all a part of that individuals take it upon themselves to share inaccurate information without contacting the person(s) that have accurate information. We can all do a better job of asking questions/clearing matters by contacting the people who know the answers.

"Please remember the Recreation Board meets on a regular basis at the Recreation Department and the public is invited to attend to express their concerns and provide input. If you have any questions or concerns, my office is always open and I am available also."

Thank You,

Nick Overstreet
City Manager