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August 29--  Sen. Jack Murphy (R-Cumming) said he was disturbed by President Barrack Obama’s decision to ignore the nation’s law-making system and begin a process of “prosecutorial discretion,” thus pushing his immigration agenda without Congressional approval.

After repeatedly failing to receive Congressional support for his immigration initiatives, President Obama has authorized a review of deportation proceedings for several hundred thousand illegal immigrants already in the legal system. This process has already allowed the release of people who were in custody and are known to have come into this country illegally. The Obama administration also will allow “low priority” illegal immigrants who have been released from custody to apply for work permits if they have not committed other crimes since they committed the crime of illegally crossing our borders. White House officials said those individuals would probably be granted those permits.

“Our unemployment rate is sitting near the double-digit mark and the President, rather than focusing on jobs, is focusing on allowing more people to compete for those jobs, despite the fact that they committed a crime by crossing our border,” said Sen. Murphy, who helped draft Georgia’s new tough immigration laws. “The President basically ignored our Constitutional process to pass laws and made law by decree.”

Estimates suggest illegal immigrants currently in the deportation process number about 300,000. Not only is this an insult to the law enforcement officers, who processed these cases, this puts an undue burden on them to re-investigate each case.

Sen. Chip Rogers, the Senate Majority Leader, is also alarmed at the willful subversion of Federal law.

“It should outrage all Americans when the Executive branch establishes amnesty without any Congressional approval or authority. The President continues to ignore the impact of illegal immigration on our citizens. He has now gone even further by showing a complete disregard for our nation’s law and a rejection of the Constitutional principles of separation of powers,” said Sen. Rogers said. “If the President can simply order which laws must be followed and which are to be ignored we no longer have a Constitutional republic as given us by our forefathers.”

The new prosecutorial policy put in place by the administration will allow illegal aliens charged with additional non-violent crimes to remain in the United States. Recent news reports suggest hundreds of illegal aliens scheduled for deportation hearings in Georgia have been released.