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August 18--  Waste from the Chicken of the Sea plant north of Lyons is causing problems with the city's sewage treatment plant.

City manager Rick Hartley told the Toombs County Development Authority that greasy residue and even tuna cans were clogging the sewage treatment facility that serves the northern part of the town.

Authority Director Bill Mitchell reports a state environmental permit is expected soon that will allow the plant to use adjacent property as a spray field for waste disposal.

The property near Highway 130 north of the plant was acquired by the Development Authority using county tax money earmarked for economic development each year.

" It's obviously very important because it gives us the opportunity to invest in companies coming into the community.  A case in point is the 300 acres we were able to buy this year for a million dollars.  The company has a full payback on it in ten years so there's no liability for the community, but we couldn't have gotten them here if we didn't have the money which is provided by this one mil of tax," Mitchell points out.  

This year the county commission has allocated nearly $595,000 for use by the Development Authority.