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August 17--  House District 155 gets a new number and new geography in the redistricting plan moving forward in the Georgia legislature.

Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia would be in the new House District 156 and pick up some new terrority to the south while losing people living in areas north and west of Vidalia.

"As proposed the new House District 156 would consist all of Toombs County, all of Montgomery County, a portion of Appling County which is Baxley and north and then a portion of Jeff Davis County up in the northeast corner," Morris explains.

At the same time, the new map moves Treutlen County and Wheeler County to new House districts.

"Currently I have all of Treutlen County and the eastern half of Wheeler County.  Under the proposed plan, both of those would go to new representatives.  Matt Hatchet from Laurens County would be representing Treutlen County and Jimmy Pruett from Eastman would represent Wheeler County.  Both of them are good representatives.  So, Treutlen County remains a whole county and Wheeler County is put back together and will no longer be split," Morris notes.

"Now, if I had my selfish wants, I wouldn't change anything, but this isn't about what I want.  It's about following the law and making a map which is fair and makes sense," he adds.

Both the House and Senate redistricting plans are expected to get legislative approval by the end of next week.