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August 11--  Before Thursday night's Toombs County school board meeting, board chairman Daniel Caraway asked School Superintendent Dr. Kendall Brantley for his keys.

{mosimage}School Board Chairman Daniel Caraway ran an abbreviated meeting Thursday night.  The chair on the right is normally occupied by School Superintendent Dr. Kendall Brantley.  Caraway informed Brantley just before the meeting that he'd been advised by board lawyers that his employment is illegal.  The board went into executive session and later emerged to announce they would seek "a second opinion" on Dr. Brantley's job status. 

Caraway says the board attorney's office advised him Dr. Brantley's job status violates state law.  Earlier he had asked Senator Tommie Williams for an opinion from the state's office of legislative counsel.

"He asked me what the law was and I said I'm not sure what the law is but I'll ask legislative counsel to research it for you and they did and I just forwarded him what they had sent me," Senator Williams reports. 

The legislative counsel quotes state law which says a school superintendent cannot retire and come back as a superintendent of the same school system.  Dr. Brantley retired earlier this summer and came back in a half-time capacity which he claims is legal.  He believes the law would only apply if he had come back in a fulltime mode.

"From my perspective there is an interpretation of school law that is being discussed and to be on the safe side the board is asking for more legal opinions from the school board attorney.  Until we have those opinions, it's my understanding from the board they will continue the board meeting on Monday once those legal opinions have been sought," Dr. Brantley says.

Dr. Brantley contends Thursday night's meeting was a violation of the school board Code of Ethics because the board met in regular session in the absence of the superintendent.  That meeting is in recess until Monday night at 6:30.

"I suppose they'll give me the courtesy of calling me, but if they don't, I'm not going to contest it.  I'm over 62 and I can start drawing my Social Security, but I felt like we've done a good job.  We've had some scrapes here lately, but I sure didn't want the system to be in an uproar," the superintendent said.

Dr. Brantley notes there are any number of other school superintendents around the state who have retired and come back in a part-time status including Dr. Tim Smith in Vidalia.