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July 28--  We've received the following letter regarding what constitutes a government entitlement. 

Letter to the Editor:

 The Republicans in Congress keep telling the working-class Americans that their Social Security and Medicare are “entitlements” and must be reduced.  When did social security insurance and Medicare insurance become entitlements? I paid cash for my social security insurance and my Medicare coverage. These benefits are not some kind of charity or handout! 

Now look at the benefits which senators and representatives in Washington get and which are paid for by American taxpayers. First-class federal health care of which 73% of the cost is paid by the taxpayers of America. Sixty-seven paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days. NOW THAT’S WELFARE AND ENTITLEMENT!  And Republicans have the nerve to call working-class Americans’ social security insurance and Medicare insurance “entitlements”!

John Brewer, Ailey, GA

(Editor's Note:  Mr. Brewer is Chairman of the Democrat Party in Montgomery County.)

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Reader Response:

Rick Thigpen, Vidalia, GA


Entitlements my behind.  Since I have started working back in the 1960's, I have been paying into Social Security and Medicare,  I have noticed that the "entitlements" has been taken out of my pay check each payday.  I believe I have earned the money. I believe we need to remember come election day.  They need to remember just who pays their salary.  It's bad we have to wait until November of 2012 to clean house.

I love how our elected officials love to scare the elderly and the military with their threats of default.

They should be looking in their own backyard for they are truly the entitled.  If they cut their staffs in half and paid into their pensions, better yet  joined Social Security, we would be on the way to making a dent in the problem.  Take a look at congressional staff salaries and then compare that to the average salary of $38,000 that active military serving in Iraq are earning.
Shame on our elected officials
Nancy Nail
Vidalia Ga


The letters posted here by fellow citizens are exactly correct in my opinion.  I am concerned to hear the term "entitlements" used to describe social security benefits or military pay.  I have been paying premiums since I was 16.  Now I am ready to collect that money which was the way I understood the system worked.  The founding fathers would be horrified to see the perks of elected officials. What kind of role models are public officials?  Where does it state in the constitution that legislators are to be supported financially far above the lifestyles of people they represent?  In the beginning, a candidate did not spend millions of dollars to get elected, then spend the rest of their lives living off the work of constituents. I am proud to be a tea party supporter interested in lowering spending and helping our own United States citizens survive.  And by the way, God Bless America!
Shirl Morris
Vidalia, GA