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Ogeechee Riverkeeper files 60 Day Notice of Violations and Intent to Sue against King America Finishing


July 28--  Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect and preserve the Ogeechee, Canoochee, and coastal rivers.  Ensuring these rivers are free from pollution is Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s top priority.  Today, in keeping with that mission, Ogeechee Riverkeeper filed a 60-Day Notice of Violations and Intent to File Citizen Suit under Section 505 of the Clean Water Act against King America Finishing, which is located in Screven County, Georgia, near Oliver.

King America Finishing, Inc. is in violation of the Clean Water Act as a result of the ongoing unpermitted discharges from its textile facility, which is operating under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (“NPDES”) permit number GA0003280


King America Finishing, Inc. is discharging color, ammonia and formaldehyde in violation of its permit and Georgia water quality standards. In addition, the plant’s discharges are in violation of state water quality and numeric permit limits for pH.

Georgia’s state water quality standards require that “[a]ll waters shall be free from material related to municipal, industrial or other discharges which produce turbidity, color, odor or other objectionable conditions which interfere with legitimate water uses.”  King America Finishing, Inc.’s permit specifically states that the permittee “may not discharge toxic pollutants in concentrations or combinations that are harmful to humans, animals, or aquatic life.” 

In the wake of the massive fish kill in May of this year, Ogeechee Riverkeeper stepped up its monitoring and testing of water and sediment in the river.  Those tests revealed elevated levels of multiple pollutants at and downstream from King America Finishing’s discharge pipe.  Ogeechee Riverkeeper, in keeping with its mission, is demanding that the discharges in violation of Georgia water quality standards cease. 

"We’ve received complaints from citizens about this site going back to 2002.  Unfortunately, repeated complaints to state and federal agencies have failed to adequately address the problems with this discharge," states Dianna Wedincamp, Ogeechee Riverkeeper.  “By bringing this litigation, which will be costly and time-consuming for our organization, we hope to prevent King America Finishing Inc. from causing future harm to the Ogeechee River.