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July 21--  Twelfth District Democrat Congressman John Barrow voted against the "Cut, Cap and Balance" bill which passed the House of Representatives Tuesday night. 

The bill is a Republican proposal to cut spending and to seek a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to balance the budget each year similiar to most states including Georgia.  Democrats in the Senate plan to block the bill and President Obama has said he would veto it if it made it through the Senate.

We asked Congressman Barrow why he opposed the bill in the House.  

“Every American knows that we have to rein in wasteful spending and cannot default on the national debt.  What the American people deserve at this moment are serious proposals to tackle this challenge. This bill sounds great on the surface, but it would cause irreparable harm to our nation’s seniors and our country’s economic health.  I can't support that.  Instead of voting on bills that won't solve any of our problems, I encourage my colleagues to get back to work on crafting a bipartisan solution that will both protect our seniors and our country’s economic footing," he said.