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July 21--  If you've got a few minutes Friday morning, you might want to meet an 18-year-old author who is visiting Vidalia with a message of personal freedom.   Savannah Liston hails from northern Illinois and first visited the Sweet Onion City last year to give an economics seminar to local Tea Party patriots.

"Long term, I just want to live my life.  I just want to have the freedom to home school my children as my parents had the freedom to home school me.  I want the freedom to teach them what I believe is right and to live my life as I believe God has called me to do," she says.

Savannah's first novel is called "Paths of Grass" and is set in World War II.  "This started as as series of short stories several years ago.  I'm very interested in history and I started them as a way of showing that when government intervenes it only harms people," according to Savannah.

The book and her speeches are designed to help people realize government doesn't have the answers.  "I would like to make people aware of what's going on and the possibility of a society where we don't have government intervention.  We've had this government ruling over us for so long that people have a hard time imagining a society without a government.  My goal is to open up minds to ideas of how things like roads and infrastructure can be provided by free market instead of the government monopoly," she says.

You can meet Savannah Friday morning from ten to eleven-thirty in downtown Vidalia at Tummy Treasures on the corner of Church and Meadows Street.