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March 23-- State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia led the Georgia House of Representatives in honoring the life and memory of Staff Sergeant Dustin Michael Wright, a United States Army Special Forces soldier who died in the line of duty, with House Resolution 1079.

morriswrightDustin's family was at the Capitol for the reading of the Resolution.

            “It was a great honor to recognize the great sacrifice, heroism and courage of Special Forces soldier Staff Sgt. Wright in the House Chamber,” said Rep. Morris. “Sgt. Wright was one of Georgia’s most noble, patriotic and selfless citizens. He was a compassionate and brave man, and he will be remembered for his devoted service to his country and sincere love for his family.”

            Staff Sgt. Wright attended Georgia Southern University and Fayetteville State University and was a partner of Southern Rain Control before taking ownership of the business.

            Staff Sgt. Wright joined the United States Army in 2012, and he graduated from Advanced Individual Training and completed Army Airborne School training, the Special Operations Preparation Course and the Special Forces Assessment and Selection course. Staff Sgt. Wright was a soldier of the United States Army Special Forces and was awarded the Green Beret in 2014.

            Staff Sgt. Wright died at the age of 29 on October 4, 2017, while serving his third deployment in Niger.