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March 21--  The Toombs County Grand Jury returned 34 indictments during its February term.

* Marc Robert Paul Bamberg was indicted for sexually molesting and sodomizing a girl under the age of 16 and a boy under age 10.

* Daryl Malcome Correll is accused of the armed robbery, aggravated assault and cruelty to an elderly person, Bobby Dean Driggers.

* Kemasine Arturo Crawford is charged with molesting a girl under the age of 16.

*Christy Lynn Barwick, Kevin Harpe and Ali Smith are charged with burglarizing the home of  Stephen Green in Vidalia.  Smith is also accused of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

*James Childs and Tammie Reese were indicted for attempted armed robbery and burglary of the home of Ira Aaron and Ethal Waters in Lyons.

*Mahalika Crawford is charged with forgery and theft by shoplifting at Walmart.

*Gene Fabian was indicted for assaulting Sheryl McKinney with a knife.

*Zachary Holmes is charged with receiving stolen property and possession of methamphetamine.

*Antoine Johnson is accused of cruelty to children, battery and aggravated assault.

*Caregiver Roxana Joiner was indicted for exploiting and intimidating Lluuanna Williams, an elderly person for whom she was caring.  She's accused of misusing the woman's money and stealing her prescription drugs.

*Alpherd Jones, Jr. is charged with the felony murder and aggravated battery of Lashanda January on May 4, 2017 at the Royal Inn in Vidalia.

*Damian Jones was indicted on two counts of executing fictitious checks.

*Kimberly Kearins is accused of cruelty to children in the first degree.

*Gregg Kent was indicted on five counts including the shooting death of Shadrick Neal last August in Lyons.

*Austin Lariscey faces burglary charges for a break-in at the home of Jackie McNeal in Lyons in January and is also charged with damaging property at the Toombs County Detention Center.

*Freddie Lee Lewis and Jasmine Quintero are accused of possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine and Alprazolam.  Lewis is also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and selling marijuana.

 *Charlie Kenneth Mack, Jr. was indicted for trafficking methamphetamine.

*Tracy Lee McDaniel is accused of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

*The trio of Logan McGraw, Anthony Mincey and Marcus Moultrie, Jr. are charged with entering the car of Carlos and Maurico Ibarra parked at Toombs County High School and stealing more than $5,000 in cash.

*Robert Mercer was indicted for possession of cocaine.

*Heather Patrick is charged with stealing a car from Carolyn Patrick.

*Jessica Nicole Phillips is accused of two counts of child molestation and one count of statutory rape of a boy under age 16.

*Nicholas Phillips is charged with burglary at a shed owned by Willie Cummins in Vidalia.

*Floyd Pierce, convicted of statutory rape in 2001, was indicted for failing to register as a sex offender.

*Galin Salem was indicted for stealing a rifle from Steven Partin of Lyons, for entering the auto of Landon Monroe of Lyons with intent to commit theft and for a break-in at the home of Sammy and Ruth Rockett in Lyons.  He and Maurik Anthony are also charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and for entering an automobile in Vidalia.

*Jack Weeks is charged with the aggravated stalking of Amanda Weeks of Vidalia.

*Kristy Yarbrough was indicted for cruelty to children.