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July 11--  Students at Robert Toombs Christian Academy in Lyons will have a chance to enroll in a Bible study class when school starts this year.

New Headmaster Jon Dorminey has recruited the youth minister at Lyons First Baptist Church to coordinate the class which will be offered to students in the sixth through 12th grades.  George Holcomb says he's excited about the opportunity.

"I was excited about hearing they want to be Christian-based and Christ-centered and want to have students have Bible study as part of their curriculum on an elective basis.  I'm just excited about the direction the school is going right now," he says.

Georgia law allows public schools to teach the history of the Bible as an elective, however, Holcomb believes today's teenagers need lessons from the Bible to offset today's secular-based media onslaught.

"As young people approach friendships and authorities in their lives, if they begin to look at it not from the eyes of the media and what Hollywood is trying to do but from God who created the world wants them to do, they will have a better future," he believes.

Holcomb says he is enlisting the aid of other youth ministers in the area to help with the course and the weekly chapel services at the school.

Headmaster Dorminey also announces a successor to Ann Wilkes who has retired after years at RTCA as both headmistress and guidance counselor.  She is being succeeded by Mable Williamson, a former teacher of the year at Pinewood Academy.