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June 20--  We should know soon if a lawsuit against Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney Hayward Altman will go to trial in Toombs County Superior Court.

A hearing on a motion to dismiss the case was held earlier this month before Judge Kathy Palmer.  The state Attorney General's office represented Altman in the hearing and argued that former Toombs County Commission chairman James Thompson has no standing to bring suit.

Last year Altman led a video machine gambling raid in Toombs and Emanuel counties which resulted in seizures and settlements of more than $1.2 million.  Nearly $400,000 of that amount was paid to an Atlanta law firm employed as third-party attorneys by the district attorney.

Thompson claims that's a violation of state law and believes at least half of the third-party fees should have been paid to the Toombs County general fund.

Judge Palmer is expected to rule on the motion to dismiss soon. 

Earlier both she and Judge Robert Reeves refused to recuse themselves in the case.  Thompson had requested recusal due to the daily working relationships between the judges and the district attorney.