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June 20--  Fifty years ago, Paul Anderson made a bike ride to Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, and to commemorate that historic event in 1961, 6 boys from the Paul Anderson Youth Home plus staff members will make that same 1,500 mile bike trip in July. 


One of the guys making the trip is Cody, and he talks about why this bike ride is so special.  “Really it’s just to celebrate Paul and all the things that he did in my life and all the other lives of boys.  Also to get out there and talk to other families of boys and show them what we’re all about,” said Cody.


He goes on to explain its not all just about riding bikes.  “There is going to be a lot of events going on.  We’ll be stopping at different churches and functions and giving our testimony and God’s word and whatever he wants us to give out to reach people.”


This is a much longer ride than the guys usually do each summer and Dustin, who is one of the riders, explains how they have been training for the event.  “Well we’re just trying to get in as much time and as many miles in as we can.  We are riding anywhere from 15 up to 50 miles per day.  Soon we will be doing 80 mile days.”


Another rider, Mac, says it takes a lot of determination to take on a ride of this length.  “It’s a lot of determination and discipline.  It is going to be something that will really boost me up and it will be one of the first things that I have really accomplished.”

 Rebecca Timberlake says the kickoff for the bike ride will be Sunday, July 10th.  “On Sunday, July 10th we will be meeting at the First Baptist Church and doing a kickoff with the guys.  When Paul did the original ride, that’s where he left from so we’re going to do the same thing in honor of Paul and the 50th anniversary.”  Timberlake stated, “We wanted to celebrate that with friends and family so we will be holding that at the First Baptist Church.”