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June17-- Governor Nathan Deal has asked the federal government to declare 22 counties in Central and South Georgia disaster areas due to on-going drought conditions.  Governor Deal stated that the USDA Emergency Board reviewed and confirmed the loss adjustment reports that were prepared by the affected counties.  Governor Deal made the disaster area request in a letter sent to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. 


While neighboring counties Appling, Wheeler, and Jeff Davis were included in the 22 county request, Toombs County was not.  Toombs County Extension Agent Jason Edenfield stated that even though Toombs County was not included, conditions are extremely dry and most areas have not had significant rainfall. 


“Of course things that really need a whole lot of water such as our dry land corn has been severely affected.  A lot of our cattle producers are looking at not really having the hay that we typically would have due to the drought,” said Edenfield.  “If we don’t have water we really can’t make grass, we can’t make crops.  This is also affecting a lot of our cotton and soybean producers.  We do have several irrigated acres in the county but these guys also have to conserve water because they don’t want to be pumping their ponds dry”


Edenfield also said that other than irrigation there is really only one other thing we can do.  “Pray for rain.  That’s the biggest thing.  A long, slow, soaking day of rain would be perfect.”