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June 15-- The Georgia Department of Labor held an Information Seminar on Tuesday at STC to provide information to area employers about the recently passed Immigration Law and the E-Verify system that employers are going to be required to use to verify the status of all new hires.  Deputy Commissioner of Legal and Policy at the Georgia Department of Labor, Melanie Stockwell explained the E-verify system has been in use since 2006 for state, county, and municipal employers but it is a new requirement for private employers. 


“They are now going to have to use E-verify to verify the new information that they are already collecting on the I-9 form.  E-verify is easy to use, it provides almost instantaneously feedback.  It really is not so burdensome that employers will have to hire new employees to use it,” says Stockwell.


All businesses with 10 or more full-time employees on January 1st of each year must use the e-verify system.  Stockwell stated, “All employers will have to sign an affidavit when they get their business or occupation license every year that they use E-verify.”


Stockwell says that there is no cost to employers to use E-verify and the employers are not held liable for fraudulent information that may be given to them by prospective employees.  Stockwell also stated, “If you do what you’re supposed to do as an employer, collect the documents, use the system and get the verification page, that’s all that’s required of you.  It’s really a shield for you from anyone that gets caught using fraudulent documents.”


For more information on the E-verify program, visit their website at