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June 14--  City of Vidalia Delays Action on New Municipal Annex.

Plans for the City of Vidalia’s new Municipal Annex which includes the Police Department, Municipal Courtroom and Council Chambers have been put on hold. The council voted on Monday to have their construction manager Premiere Construction to enter into negotiations to see if they can work to get the bid lower which came in $185,000.00 over budget. According to City Manger Bill Torrence the negotiations will hopefully find ways to lower the cost of the project without making large revisions to the original plans. Torrence went on to explain that in the event the negotiations don’t produce the results the Council hopes for, they will have several options which include re-bidding the project with the changes or even waiting until the council comes up with more money for the project.

In other action the council heard that $154,000.00 remain in unpaid taxes for the 2010 tax year, and over $200,000.00 remain for the past three years. Council was also advised that the names of those who owe unpaid taxes will have their names placed in the Advance on June 22nd.

And finally the Council voted unanimously to implement a cost of living raise for city employees which will begin in July .