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June 13—Today the Georgia Supreme Court made the decision not to reconsider their recent decision to declare the state’s charter school law unconstitutional, thus leaving approximately 16,500 students unsure where they will receive an education next school year.   

The court determined back in May that the 2007 law that created the Charter Schools Commission unlawfully granted the state authority to approve and fund charter schools over the objection of local school boards.   

Majority Leader Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) released the following statement regarding the choice of the Georgia Supreme Court not to reconsider their recent decision concerning many of Georgia’s Charter Schools.  “Today’s decision by the Georgia Supreme Court not to reconsider their ruling on many of Georgia’s Charter Schools is very disappointing.  The justices have made a mistake that will negatively impact the lives of thousands of Georgia children.  They had an opportunity to correct that mistake and did not do so.  It is a sad day for Georgia education.  The Senate remains committed to finding a solution so that every student enrolled in these 16 charter schools will receive a great education this fall.”