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June 13--  They're doing some celebrating at Montgomery County Elementary School.

Results of annual testing are out and every fifth grader passed the math test this year and all but one passed the reading test.

Mae Mills teaches math to fifth graders.  Last year she taught reading and all of her students passed that, too. 

"The teacher needs to be very organized.  I need to know from the beginning of the year what I need to accomplish by the end of the year and then set benchmarks to be sure it all gets done.  I take everything they need to learn and put it in some kind of game so they get to learn, practice and play with what they learn.  This means they are constantly applying throughout the year and all of the games review what we've done so they don't get a chance to forget anything and they love it," she says.

Mrs. Mills has been teaching for 15 years and says she has found a home at Montgomery Elementary after teaching elementary students in Long County and Vidalia.

"My philosophy is there is no failure in children.  Whenever I teach a standard and test them to see if they got it, if I have students , even if it's only two, who don't do well, I look at it as if I did something wrong.  So I pull them aside, redo it somehow differently and reassess.  So there's no failure in my classroom," Mills says.

Brittany Deen was the school's instructional coordinator this year and is the new incoming principal next year. She credits Mills and other faculty members with this year's success including Tamra Rodgers, Karon Poole, Susie Howard, Tim Suttles, Lisa Bishop and Jennifer McNeal.