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June 8--  With recent changes to the HOPE Scholarship Program that go into effect Fall 2011, the East Georgia College Foundation has made funds available to incoming freshmen for the 2011-2012 Award Year. This funding will be used to help defray costs as a Supplemental Scholarship for HOPE Scholars graduating from High School on or after 12/01/2010. Funds will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to qualified applicants at $125 for Fall Semester 2011 and, based on maintaining continuing eligibility, $125 for Spring Semester 2012.


EGC Foundation President, Bill Rogers, Jr., states, “This program fits the purpose of the foundation as an advocate for EGC students by making college affordable.  Although it is not possible to make this award to every student affected by the new HOPE rules, we are excited to be able to do this for our incoming freshmen.  Being able to recruit and retain our best and brightest students is good for the college and the community.”

 The current shortfall of $244 million in the lottery funded HOPE Scholarship program has forced the state legislature to approve a plan by Governor Nathan Deal to cut award levels for most HOPE recipients.  Under the new plan, there will be a two tier system for awards.  Students at public institutions that have GPA’s and standardized test scores in the top 10th percentile will still qualify for full tuition but others will have their award cut back to a level of 90% of last year’s tuition.  With tuition and fee increases for the upcoming year, this amounts to HOPE covering about 80% for most students. 

EGC President John Black said, “East Georgia College has always offered a first–class education at an affordable price.  This allocation by our Foundation is even further proof of our commitment to student success.  EGC offers the student the full college experience with unlimited opportunities.”

To find out more about the HOPE Supplemental Scholarship available only at EAST GEORGIA COLLEGE, call the Admissions office at 289-2017 or go to the website at