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June 9--  A Lyons city councilman wants the city to pass a law against wearing your pants too low.

Councilman Tracy Johnson says he's getting complaints about young people walking around neighborhoods with their underpants showing.  He calls it indecent and disrespectful.

"I'm just concerned about the indecency of how some of our citizens are looking.  It's out of control.  A lot of the elderly residents and citizens travelling through Lyons are seeing what we got coming in from the Collins and Cobbtown areas and it's just a disgrace of what they've having to see.  We're already having to deal with loitering and a lot of drug dealing and this is just an add-on to what we've got going on down there.  When you see a man walking around with his boxer shorts showing, it's just disrespectful," Johnson says.

Johnson reports Hawkinsville has already enacted an indecency ordinance and he'd like to see Lyons do the same.  "We need something we can put on the books and make people look a little more decent about how they carry themselves in the streets of Lyons," he says.

Johnson brought the issue up at Tuesday night's meeting of the Lyons city council.

The council reversed a previous city policy and voted to allow representatives of the Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society to return to Saturday morning volunteer work at the city's animal shelter.  

It also heard the city will have to relocate about 500 feet of water line due to the four-laning of U.S. Highway 1 north of town.

The city is planning to publish the names of delinquent property taxpayers in the local newspaper.  Officials say the backlog has been reduced from $33,000 to about $16,000.

Upcoming meetings of the council include a zoning hearing Tuesday, June 14 at six p.m., a workshop meeting Thursday, June 30 at six p.m. and the regular meeting in July has been rescheduled to Tuesday, July 12 at seven p.m. because of the July 4th holiday.