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March 12--  This year's Toombs-Montgomery Leadership class visited the state capitol and made stops in the House and Senate galleries, attended an informational lunch session with Senator Blake Tillery and State Representative Greg Morris of Vidalia and visited with Governor Nathan Deal.

ltmcapitolFront Row (L-R): Representative Morris, Kelly Tippett, Mary Edmonds, Cindy Williams (Session Chair), Azat Nasretdinov, Melissa Hightower, Miranda Johnson, Marilynn Hopkins, Mindy Morrison, Governor Deal, Blythe Wilcox (Program Co-chair), Heather Helms, Amanda Lawler, Valerie Noles, Casey Hutcheson, Tina Lindsey, Leah Kight, Senator Tillery

Back Row (L-R): Jay Cravey (Bus Driver), Billy Shiver, Garrett Wilcox (Program Co-chair), Kristy Bennett, John Sharpe, Steven McComas, Richard Smith, Steven Echols