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March 8--  Imagine that your confined to a wheelchair, that you live in a nursing home and that you always wanted to be a law enforcement officer.  Now imagine that one day officers from Vidalia, Lyons and Toombs County surprise you by showing up to make you an honorary deputy sheriff.


That happened to Grady Williams at the Oaks of Bethany in Vidalia as part of the home's Committed to Caring -Second Wind Dream program, according to Director of Nursing Kelli Sharpton.

"Grady has always been passionate about law enforcement.  He rides around with a badge on every day and we have a little sheriff's sign on the back of his wheelchair.  We wanted to tie it in with the appreciation we have for our local law enforcement and honor both of them, both Grady and our law enforcement officers in the community," she said.

Toombs County Sheriff Junior Kight presented Grady with a badge and a plaque making him an honorary deputy, "You know we don't give this honor to very many people, but I've learned through the nursing home that he's always wanted to be a deputy sheriff and we felt like that would be a good thing to happen.  He is loved here at the nursing home and they wanted to do something for him and that just tickled me to death to hear that he's always wanted to be a deputy, but he's never had that opportunity. So we've given him honorary deputy status and he's part of our team now," the sheriff explained.

gradyalGrady suffered a birth-related brain injury when he was born and now both he and his mother are residents at the Oaks of Bethany where they are visited by Grady's brother, Al Williams (left) of Cobbtown.

"It means a lot to him.  Grady is 12 years older than I am and ever since I can remember, Grady has always wanted to be 'the sheriff.'  It means a lot to him, it's made his year," Al said.