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May 24--  Hundreds of dead fish have been founding floating in the Ogeechee River, according to Ogeechee RiverKeeper Director Diana Wedincamp.

"They start in Screven County and go all the way down to where Highway 80 crosses the Ogeechee.  Late Sunday night EPA came out and said no one should be swimming or eating the fish in the river.  Even though they were out there doing researach Thursday, the citizens didn't find out about anything until late Sunday afternoon," she says.

Because of blotches on the fish, Wedincamp suspects some kind of chemical burn.  

"It looks like a chemical burned them.  Inside their mouths have the same blotches like they have been burned.  Also, it killed catfish who can live in almost any environment.  Where we collected those fish right downstream there were families and children playing on sandbars, so it was very disturbing," Wedincamp said.

Both state officials and the Ogeeche RiverKeepers are having the water tested in labs to detemine what caused the kill and Wedincamp says the public will be notified when results are known.

"We're doing our own testing and there are several citizens groups doing their own testing, too, so there won't be anything slid under the rug on this one," she promises.