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May 20--  She set her goal to be the Toombs County High School valedictorian when she was a freshman and Laura Johnson achieved it her senior year.

"At the end of the first semester when I got my first transcript and I realized I was ranked number one, that's when it became my goal and I said if I can do this, then I'm going to do it," she said.

Her next long term goal is to become a speech therapist.  "I plan to go to Brewton Parker for four years and then I plan to go to Valdosta State and become a speech therapist," Laura says.


Second in the Class of 2011 at Toombs County High is saluatorian Josh Allen.  "You have to work to balance it out.  Sports and church and everthing else.  You just have to work hard to do everything you need to do," he says.

Josh, who punted and played on both sidies of the line for the Bulldogs, wants a career related to sports.  "I'm going to Georgia Southern and major in Exercise Science or something like that.  I love sports and that's something I want to do," he says.

Graduation for Toombs County High School is Saturday morning at nine o'clock at Booster Stadium.