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May 10--  At the close of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting Monday, Chairman Brandon Braddy announced he is stepping down as Chairman effective May 31st

The Board of Commissioners elects officers every January to serve a 12-month term.  Because Montgomery County does not elect a countywide Chairman, the Commissioners have to nominate and elect a Chairman each calendar year.  Commissioner Franklin Brantley was elected to finish out Chairman Braddy’s term until the Commissioners hold its regular election of officers on January 9, 2012. 

Chairman Braddy made the following statement regarding his decision: “It has been a privilege to serve as the Chairman.  I would like to thank my fellow commissioners for having the confidence in me to serve in this role for over two years.  I have recently accepted a position with the Mount Vernon Bank.  This new position is going to require more of my time that will limit my accessibility for the County Manager and the Clerk of the Commissioners.  In order for the Chairman to be effective in this role, the County Manager and the Clerk of the Commissioners need to have complete access to the Chairman at all times by telephone or in person.  In addition, there is important county business and meetings with state agencies that the Chairman will need to be available to attend along with the County Manager outside of regular commission meetings.  I want to insure that our County Chairman is available to represent Montgomery County at all meetings that will benefit our County.  I congratulate and extend my thanks to Commissioner Franklin Brantley for completing my term as Chairman and for accepting the responsibilities this office requires.  My decision to step down as Chairman will not affect my duties and responsibilities to serve and represent the constituents of District 3.  I will always be available for all regular and special-called meetings of the Commission.  Again, I would like to thank my fellow commissioners for allowing me to serve as Chairman and I look forward to Commissioner Franklin Brantley representing Montgomery County as the new Chairman.”

Commissioner Franklin Brantley will begin serving as Chairman on June 1st.