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May 9--  It started on the National Day of Prayer May 5th and will continue until the reading of the Bible is completed.


Individuals from 41 area churches and organizations are taking turns reading the Bible in a tent in front of the Toombs County Courthouse in Lyons, according to Vicki Tillery who organized the event in cooperation with the Toombs Area Ministerial Association.

"There is just a need to return to what made this nation great and that is standing on the principles of the word of God," she says.

Tillery says Bible reading marathons originated with an international organization on the Mount of Olivies in 1990.  This is the first time it has been done in Toombs County.

"We are just quietly reading the word of God.  It will take us 90 hours to read it.  We started with Genesis 1 on May 5th and are a little past the halfway mark in Jeremiah today.  We will finish with Revelation 22.  It's been awesome.  I wish everyone could have been here as long as I have and see organization after organization come and read the word of God.  It's just been a blessing to everybody," she says.

The readings are scheduled to end late Wednesday afternoon.