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May 1--  The President Pro Tempore of the Georgia Senate says lawmakers will tackle reforming the state's tax code again.

The legislature was unable to pass changes in this year's session, however, Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons says reform is needed so more people will be paying a share of the state's budget.

"At some point in time, our goal is to have a fair tax in Georgia where we tax only sales and/or services and eliminate the income tax.  We tried to do that this session and we could never get the numbers right, so we didn't pull the trigger.  We may take it up in the special session this Summer or next year.  The goal is to have a fairer, flatter tax in Georgia," he says.

Senator Williams says the greatest accomplishment in this term of the legislature was saving the HOPE scholarship program, and he gives Governor Nathan Deal the credit.

"He's got an uncanny ability to take people on both sides of an issue and bring them together.  Those kind of skills don't exist in politics all of the time, but he is really good at it.  He's a kind person, kind and smart and I really enjoyed working with him and the Speaker of the House as well," Williams said.