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March 5--  A 51-year-old Soperton woman has been missing for two months and law enforcement officials have run out of clues.

lisahackleSoperton Police Chief Jason McCoy says Lisa Hackle was last seen January 4th and was reported missing by her sister.  Later, police found her truck parked behind an abandoned house in Soperton not far from her home on Robby Lane.

"We've got several tips which have come in, but none of them have panned out.  We've conducted several searches of wooded areas in the area where we found her vehicle and behind her residence and have not found anything of value.  We're still in the process of trying to locate her and know there's somebody out there who knows something  about where she may be or what might have happened to her.  Anybody who has any knowledge, please contact me at the Police Department at 529-4221 or call the GBI," the Chief said.

Chief McCoy says they've found no evidence of foul play, however, he notes there are similarities between her disappearance and the disappearance of a Lyons woman with whom she was a friend identified as 52-year-old Tonya Wilkins of East Clifton Avenue.

"She ran in the same social circles as Lisa did, so we kind of thought they may be connected at some point, but we've not found anything to confirm that.  All we know is they knew each other very well and we're close friends according to Mrs. Wilkins' daughter," Chief McCoy said.

Lyons Police Chief Wesley Walker says Tonya Wilkins was reported missing last July 6th and hasn't been heard from since.

Both police chiefs say neither woman has conducted any financial transactions since disappearing.