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February 27--  A million babies a year are being killed by abortion clinics in America and organizations like Planned Parenthood and it's time for pro-life men to take a strong stand, according to the keynote speaker at the annual Rachel's House banquet Tuesday night in Vidalia.

rachelshouseKaty Sammons and Dr. Marc Newman

Pro-life counselor Dr. Marc Newman said, "The culture has largely marginalized men regarding the abortion issue.  Our culture is telling a lot of men that if they don't have an uterus, they don't have an opinion, so they're telling pro-life men to butt out.  I'm telling men that over a million human beings are being killed every single year through abortion in this country. 

"Men need to step us and the best way they can do this is to partner with pregnancy resource centers and clinics such as Rachel's House.  These people are literally standing in the gap.  There are women walking in there making a life or death decision for their child every single day that their doors are open.  That's why they need to be fully funded and fully staffed and then we need to get our message out everywhere.

"The message of Planned Parenthood is that what's in a woman's body from the moment of conception is nothing more than a blob of tissue.  The true message is that for every human being, life begins at conception.  It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being.  Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being, therefore, abortion is wrong."

In the eight years since opening its doors, Rachel's House has saved the lives of more than 160 babies in our area, according to Director Katy Sammons,"Our goal is to reach women who are in crisis pregnancy situations and don't know what to do and are considering an abortion.  We talk them through this decision-making process and help them make a decision for life.  I say help because we are not using coercion or manipulation or guilt or any tactics like that."

The services provided by Rachel's House, including ultrasound, are free.  For information, go to