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April 18--  The state official responsible for overseeing elections in Georgia is on the road visiting voting officials at the grass roots level and Friday made a stop at the Toombs County Board of Elections office in Lyons.


Front Row, L-R Toombs Commissioner Skeeter Toole, Voting Registrar Assistant Hazel Williams, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Voting Registrar Carey Alligood, and Toombs Elections Board member Cathy Milligan. Back Row, L-R Elections Board Member Donnie Mann, Toombs County Manager Doug Eaves and Elections Board Chairman Summie Pittman. 

Secretary of State Brian Kemp says he is pleased that the Department of Justice has finally give the green light to Georgia's requirements for voter identification.

"I think it was another great victory for having secure elections.  We don't want non-citizens voting in our elections and cancelling citizens' votes in our elections," he said.

Kemp also says another area ripe for voter fraud is absentee ballots.

"That's one of our biggest challenges.  Most of our fraud happens with absentee ballots.  That's one reason we implemented our triple signature check which checks the application for the absentee ballot with the signature when the ballot is returned versus the voter registration card.  That gives us a good level of security, but I'm continuing to look at ways to strengthen the process to make sure its secure," he said.

Secretary Kemp also hopes the cost of elections to counties will be reduced somewhat by changing the period allowed for advance voting from 45 days to 21 days before an election.