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April 11--  Counties and municipalitiies comprising the 17-county Heart of Georgia Regional Development Commission have submitted transportation projects they would like to see funded over the next ten years by a one percent transportation sales tax.

Projects which meet state criteria will be considered for placement on a ballot which voters in the 17 counties will get a chance to vote on in August, 2012.

Toombs County Commission Chairman Buddy West is on the Executive Board of the Regional Transportation Roundtable which includes mayors and county commissioners in the region.

"We as the Executive Committee will go through that list and present it to the Roundtable for final approval in conjunction with the Department of Transportation," he says.

According to Toombs County manager Doug Eaves, "If approved (by voters), the tax is expected to generate over $320 million for regional transportation projects over a ten-year period."

The projects submitted by Toombs County total $14.4 million and are:

1.             US 1 Widening from Appling County to SR 130

2.             Resurfacing four miles of Lyons Center Rd from Montgomery County line to SR 15

3.             Two 1.5 mile Passing Lanes on SR 152

4.             Accel-Decel and turn lanes at SR 130 for industrial Park

5.             Grade, Drain Base and Surface Ezra Taylor Rd. from Lyons Center Rd.

6.      Reclaim/Resurface New Normantown Rd.

7.             Resurface Old Donald Anderson Road.

8.             Resurface Providence Church Road

9.             Resurface Marvin Church Rd.

10.     Toombs County Pavement Marking Improvement Program

11.     Resurface Mt. Moriah Church Rd.

12.     Resurface Five Points Rd. to the Emanuel County line

The city of Vidalia's submission totals almost $7.4 million and includes:

Toombs County

Adams Street                                                                          1,642,051.70Drainage, water, resurfacing

Extension of Michael Collins Dr.                                                                       361,370.32

Extension of Mose Coleman Road to Ezra Taylor Road                                1,146,566.61

Pete Phillips Road                                                                        192,574.00

Guardrails and Resurfacing

Airport Road from Pete Phillips to Terminal                                      891,445.00

Brinson Road                                                                                 209,933.00

Guard Rails, Resurface and Drainage

Lowery Place                                                                                  48,090.00


Curry Street                                                                                  51,800.00

Curb, gutter and resurfacing

Truman Street                                                                                61,570.00

Curb, gutter, drainage and resurface

Rudell Road                                                                                104,563.00

Curb, gutter, drainage and resurfacing

Semco Road                                                                                   88,761.00

Curb, gutter, drainage and resurfacing

Ezra Taylor Road from Hwy 280 to Sports Complex                   939,127.68

8 Rail Road Crossings (Concrete Panels)                                      400,000

Off Ramp highway 280w at highway 130                                       1,040,397.00

Total                                                                                        7,160,249.41

Montgomery County

Commerce Loop                                                                      190,072.00

Curb, gutter and resurfacing

Miracle Lane                                                                            43,475.00


Total                                                                                        233,547.00

In Lyons, city administrator Rick Hartley says six projects totaling $2 million have been submitted including four road resurfacing projects and two stop lights.