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March 31--  There is good job news in the area.  Officials in Swainsboro announce the Nordson Corporation is building a new plant in the Swainsboro Industrial Park and will more than double its present workforce of 85 employees. 

Swainsboro Mayor Charles Schwabe estimates as many as 120 employees will ultimately be added to the company's payroll in what he described as "above scale" salaries.

"It's  a good boost in the arm right when things have been in the doldrums, but beyond that, it's just that many new jobs for our local folks," the Mayor said.

Nordson has been operating in Swainsboro for nearly a decade.  Mayor Schwabe is glad they decided to expand and stay in Swainsboro.

"It's a great company and I'm very proud of the fact we were up against other parts of the country as well as Chine and we were able to keep them right here at home," he said.

Nordson plans to build a 135,000 square feet building by the end of the year. "They make all kinds of different instruments and tools and hardware that are used for adhesives in just about every field," Mayor Schwabe said.