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March 31--  The Salvation Army store in Vidalia has an urgent need for donated items which it can sell to raise money for the needy.

With unemployment running at ten percent and prices going up, Kelly Tippet says you can help them.

"The demand is overwhelming.  Every organization I'm aware of is out of funds for the light bill assistance program.  Local churches are helping, but we have a very big situation here in Toombs County.  The unemployment rate is high and those who were having a hard time before the economy took a downturn are suffering even more.  We've had inflation in food prices, gas prices are higher, it's just really hit us hard," she says.

The Salvation Army is appealing for you to do some Spring cleaning and donate the things you find in your closet, attic and garage.  They have a real need right now for Spring and Summer clothing.

"The donated items are sorted in our warehouse and transferred to the store where they are sold for discounted prices.  Right now we have a sale on children's clothes for 99 cents.  Each of those sales contribute to the funds we use to assist the needy in the community," Tippet reports.

According to Tippet, some people donate estate items to the Salvation Army including antiques and jewelry, "and that's where you can get some really great buys." 

All donations are tax deductible.