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March 22--  The Montgomery County school board is apparently planning on eliminating one of its school principal's positions to save money.

At a called meeting Monday night, the board refused to rehire both Montgomery County High School principal Luke Smith and Montgomery County Middle School principal Dr. Marvin Howard for next school term.

School board member Jackson Posey says, "There are less students in those two schools than there are in the elementary school, yet we have two principals and two assistant principals.  I've always felt that could be trimmed and the economy has sort of speeded that process up.  That's where I'm going with this, but I can't speak for the rest of the board."

School board chairwoman Deloris James indicated Monday night that one of the two principals might be offered another job.

Meanwhile, the board voted not to rehire Learning Support Specialists Reggie Roberts and Erica Clarke in the system's central office.  Posey made a motion they be hired for next school term and said he was suprised when the board voted 3-2 against the motions.  "There's probably not any harder working people in the system than Reggie Roberts and Erica Clark.  Both of them wear multiple hats and if anyone in the system is close to being overloaded, it's both of them.  I was really taken aback by that," he said.

A crowd attending the meeting lined the exit hallway and protested some of the cuts to school board members.  A police car was parked for security at the front entrance of the elementary school in Ailey where the meeting was held.

The board did okay the rehiring of Dr. Tosha Middlebrooks, director of the Montgomery County Achievement Center, and agreed to rehire veteran staff member Laverne Mobley as a part-time employee following her retirement at the end of this school year. 

It turned down recommendations from School Superintendent Dr. Charles Warnock that it rescind plans for a furlough day May 26 and an earlier decision to swap two administrative positions between the central office and a school media center.