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March 18--  A federal judge has granted a former Montgomery County school teacher a jury trial in his case against the Montgomery County school board.

Judge Dudley Bowen partially refused the school board's motion for a summary judgement in a decision handed down Thursday.  The judge ruled Christopher Bowman has a right to trial on his claim that the school system retaliated against him for his report of sexual misconduct by a high school counselor with a male student at Montgomery County High School.

Judge Bowen threw out Bowman's claim that his freedom of speech had been violated.

Former Montgomery County School Superintendent Dale Clark was also being sued in the case by Bowman, however, Judge Bowen dismissed Bowman's allegations against Clark.

Lawyers say the case will be heard at the federal courthouse in Dublin on a date to be announced.  

The case has been working its way through the court system since it was filed in December, 2008.