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March 15--  Fearing an increase in high school dropouts because of too tough math classes, the Georgia Board of Education has voted to give high schools in the state some flexibility in what courses will count for graduation.

Under the new policy, students who plan to attend a four-year university will still need to take the tougher math courses, however, others will have the opportunity to take math support classes in order to graduate from high school.

At Vidalia High School, Assistant Superintendent Lucy Claroni says students will have a choice.  "I would tell parents that the rigor is still there.  However, if the student is struggling in math, we offer them support classes in math that will now count as core curriculum," she said.

While universities like Georgia Tech, UGA, Georgia Southern and Georgia State won't accept the support courses, Claroni says the state's technical colleges and some others are expected to accept them.