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February 22--  In local business news, Vidalia car dealer Paul Thigpen Thursday announced the formation of Paul Thigpen Automotive Group and the acquisition of Vidalia Ford-Lincoln, something he tried to do five years ago.

ptcmillerPaul Thigpen, left, with his Ford-Lincoln partner Anthony Miller.

"Most people don't realize this, but I tried to buy the Ford dealership here before I tried to buy GM.  It was a big old circle, but it's worked out like it was supposed to," Thigpen said.

The current Ford dealer, Anthony Miller, becomes Paul's partner is what is now Paul Thigpen Ford-Lincoln, "Awesome and I can't wait to get started. Five years ago Paul tried to buy the store and I said, 'Paul, that's my baby and I can't do it.'  Now, five years later, we've come full circle.  We're partners and I'm very excited."

ptcfamilyThe Thigpen family (L-R) son Nelson, wife & mother Lillian, daughters Sarah (back) & Eva and Paul.

Thigpen grew up poor and credits his success to hard work and his faith.  His advice to young people just getting started is based on that creed, "Be willing to work for what you want.  If you're not willing to work for it, don't whine and moan because you don't have what your Momma has or your Daddy has, don't fuss about it, look at them.  You will very rarely find somebody who has success who doesn't work really, really hard.

"If you want to be that person, you've got to be willing to work for it. If you are, treat people the way you want to be treated and do what's right when nobody's looking.  That's the one that gets them, that's the one that gets them, do what's right when nobody's looking.  When you think nobody's looking, still do what's right. Work hard and everything else works out, and prayer.  For me, it's prayer, more than anything, it's prayer." he said.