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March 8--  Atlanta TV station WSB is reporting tax dollars are being used to renovate mosques and to provide internet access to mullahs overseas.  Use the link below to view the report.

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Reader Comments:

Representative Barrow,
Our country is bankrupt due to the liberal spending policies of you politicians, our debt equals 100% of the GNP, and we’re sending money to repair mosques?!!!  What a travesty!  Just as one of the ladies said, trying to buy Middle Eastern countries’ friendship makes the U.S. appear weak,  and those to whom we send taxpayers’  hard-earned money are laughing all the way to the bank!   If our government would stop sending tax dollars overseas to rescue and help countries who hate us and would delight in slitting our throats, we could use it to accomplish some of the things we need here:  pay on the interest of the national debt (which we’re unable to pay at the present time), put money back into Social Security to replace what’s been reapportioned (stolen), repair and upgrade our infrastructure, etc., etc.  I say bring the money home!  It’s a matter of life or death!
We’re on the brink of financial disaster, yet you members of Congress continue to spend on such nonsense as this. Kruschev once said America would be destroyed without firing a single shot.  Government officials are setting the stage for this to happen by destroying our financial system.  The vultures who’ve planned the demise of the United States for decades are ready to swoop in and take over.  
Are you too blind to see what’s happening or do you really care?
Jackie Castleman, Ed.D
Vidalia, GA
Attention! John Barrow! Attention! John Barrow!  The asylum called.  You and our other 535 elected officials are to return immediately. It is time for cupcakes and watercolors. 
Sincerely, Bruce Frost, Vidalia
We are already sending billions to these middle eastern countries through these outrageous gas prices and now we are going to send them money we don't even HAVE to support the Muslim religion.  I don't believe we do that for Christian churches here....."separation of church and state" they tell us here.  When election time comes around again we will remember the traitors that supported this decision. Becky Porter     Lyons, Ga.


I think the Us Politicians have lost there D--- MINDS . I have not heard of any traditional Churches in America getting help. I would think this would be a conflict/ Church & State. Larry Geiger, Lyons


FA and I were very upset when we heard this on this site a few minutes ago.

We are senior citizens living off Social Security that we worked and paid into for years but yet we cannot get a raise last year nor this year.

There are people who have no jobs through no fault of their own and the children also suffer as some of these families have lost their homes.

Why should we be helping these people who actually HATE us enough to destroy our country???

Where to start to stop this?  It is all of our United States and then we are helping these people in Egypt.  We are having to pay these higher gasoline prices, too, because of what is going on in that part of the country.  Not Right!

F.Odom, Alston, Ga

Can't the government find enough reason to waste our tax dollars here at home?  We borrow money for the craziest spending spree in history and this is a prime example of why we can't get out of debt.
Nancy Nail
Why should our tax dollars pay to renovate mosques and to provide internet access to mullahs overseas ?
This is not right.  The last thing we need to do is give money to a people that hate us and killing our troops.  We have people without jobs because of the economy and they want us to use our tax dollars to help them.  I say let them spend their money not ours.
Rick Thigpen
I just saw where the US Govt is sending millions to save mosques in other countries...I heard you had survey going on about this...  This absolutely disgusts me... So however we vote... You got my humble opinion.
Thanks, Paul Bone, Vidalia
It's because we have a muslim in the White House and he wants to help all his brothers, to hell with the USA.
Walter Payton
Uvalda Ga