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March 6--  The interim president at Brewton Parker College has arrived on campus.

Dr. Michael Simoneaux arrived on campus last week for orientation on loan from Treutt-McConnel College in North Georgia.  He's holding the job while the search is on for a successor to Dr. David Smith who resigned to take a job in Texas.

"I'm not some guy on loan from Truett-McConnel College.  I'm not here to put Truett-McConnel College down here.  I'm here for Brewton Parker College.  I may be the acting president, but I am the president and I'm going to attack whatever challenges we have just like I was going to be here 20 years," he said.

Dr. Simoneaux says Brewton Parker, like other colleges, is facing problems associated with the economy.

"Not only is Brewton Parking facing that, but other colleges are also.  There's a chance financial aid might be lessened, but that's something we have no control over.  We just have to deal with that and make the best out of a changing situation.  It's challenging for everybody," he notes.

Dr. Simoneaux is hopeful BPC's recent reductions in tuition will help increase enrollment.  Meanwhile, he's thankful the school has the support of churches which make up the Georgia Baptist Convention.

"Brewton Park, Treutt-McConnel and Shorter have the backing of 3,600 Georgia Baptist churches and all those folks.  They expect their colleges to represent them and we hope to make that even more of a reality during this time," he said.